Monday, March 21, 2011

Update on the Baby Girls

When I arrived in the NICU today, I was shocked to discover that they had opened the lids to both girls' incubators. Wow, what a great step forward! We'll see how well they tolerate it and if they are able to maintain their own body heat.

They have each started taking some milk by mouth - another important step in their ability to leave the NICU. Autumn, perhaps in a moment of over confidence, pulled out her feeding tube. I reminded her that she needed to keep that in until she had mastered eating. I'm not sure that she understood me.

They are now wearing regular clothes and swaddling in blankets like regular old babies. It is so nice to see them like that! Autumn is now 4 lbs 9 oz and Mikaela is 3 lb 13 oz. Keep growing strong, girls!

Snuggling together
Such tiny fingers!
I've been splitting my days, and spending the mornings with Zander then the afternoon/early evening in the NICU with the girls.

I was playing outside with Zander the other day when he picked up a rock and discovered a worm underneath it. He watched it crawling and commented on how it was wiggling slowly. This was the conversation I had with my very literal son:

Me: Can you wiggle like a worm?
Z: Um... I think so...
Me: (waiting) Well, can you show me?
Z: Uh... okay... (hesitating) Here I go ....

He then lay face down in the mud next to the worm and started wiggling. Oh man, I have to be careful how I phrase things with him!


Unknown said...

Tori, this made me laugh as I could visualize the whole thing. Thanks for sharing. The girls look beautiful and I am so glad they are doing well and hope they get to come home soon.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the update Tori. The girls are beautiful. Can't wait to hold and cuddle them. I miss Zander too. He is such an awesome little boy. We have great fun playing together. Such a wonderful family you have. And you are right about Jason he is doing a fantastic job. Grandma Vicki