Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zanderman vs. The Flu

It was a quiet day for our hero. He played happily, taking a short break from fighting crime throughout the land.

Little did he know that a dangerous foe was lurking.

The foe's name was ...

The FLU!

Zanderman dashed to the left, bobbed to the right, dodged and weaved but even his super speed was no match for this rival.

It got him with a one-two punch. Oh no! Our hero is down!

Yes, times became quite dark for our hero. His strength was sapped by this silent attacker. Hours became days, and still the little man struggled.

But the nasty foe underestimated the fight in our Zanderman.

The clouds parted, the skies cleared (the fever broke), and our hero emerged victorious from the battle.

All is well in the world again.