Other Lung Cancer Blogs

Other Young Women with Stage IV Lung Cancer

When I was first diagnosed, I was desperate to find other young women in this situation. The blogs below served as my guide, my hope, and saved me from feeling so alone.  

Kim was diagnosed in May 2011 at age 34. She is ALK+

Aquarius vs. Cancer

Emily was diagnosed in June 2012 at age 28. She had curative surgery.

Emily Bennett Taylor

Samantha was diagnosed in November 2012 at age 33. She is EGFR+

Keeping my Faith - Living with Stage IV Lung Cancer

Molly was diagnosed in December 2013 at age 39. She is EGFR+

Living With Three Girls & Stage Four Lung Cancer

Almei was diagnosed in November 2011. She is EGFR+

Raising Awareness

ROS1+ Bloggers

My cancer is the result of a rare mutation called ROS1. Below is a list of other ROS1+ bloggers with Stage IV lung cancer.

Luna was diagnosed in December of 2012

Cancer....an unexpected journey.

Lisa was diagnosed in January 2014 at age 41

About Me

Janet was diagnosed in May of 2011

Gray Connections

Corey was diagnosed in June 2014 at age 22

Lunging it up. Fighting lung cancer at 22.

Beth was diagnosed in January 2013


LCSM (Lung Cancer Social Media) also keeps an extensive list of lung cancer bloggers

.Lung Cancer Blogs

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