Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Less baby, more kid

Zander seems to have moved beyond infancy into the incredibly exciting stage of early-mobility. He's learning new things every day. He now claps which, in addition to being adorable, makes me feel like he is so grateful for everything I do (yay! you changed my diaper! yay! you picked me up!)

He sat in a shopping cart for the first time which was wonderfully liberating for me and pretty exciting for him too, I think. He seemed to take it very seriously, as if he was now a real part of the very important task of grocery shopping. He applauded for the check out lady, which she really enjoyed.

He has pretty much outgrown his bathtub, and doesn't like to sit up in the tub (really, who does?). He likes to lounge and soak, but in order to do this he has to hang his legs out of the bath.

He can sit in the swing by himself at the park. Check out his little Red Wings jacket!

He helps me make the bed in the morning. Okay, well he sits there and pulls on the sheets, but it's a start.

He has been teething for months now, and still no teeth. One of these mornings he's going to wake up with a mouthful of teeth.

Grandma got him a stuffed duck that is as big as he is, and Zander adores it.

It looks like they got into a disagreement and Z is scolding ducky.

Livin' the high life.