Friday, July 13, 2018


I got the results from my every-8-week scans for the clinical trial, and the overall reaction is ... meh.

Things are not getting better, but they also are not getting significantly worse, at least not enough to kick me out of the trial. Which, in and of itself, is a good thing when dealing with metastatic cancer. "Not much worse" is good enough for a while.

So, I will try to string together another few months (hopefully more!) giving researchers more time, and trying to hang in there until some exciting new trials are back into action (I'm looking at you, TPX-0005!).

Crossing our fingers that we are not burying our heads in the sand and missing progression in our optimism.


In other news, we had a wonderful trip to Minnesota visiting family and celebrating my parents' 50th wedding anniversary! The road trip there and back, the family party, meeting up with old friends, seeing friends get married, leisurely hours playing cards and working on puzzles, helping my mom with some decorating projects, playing with my baby nephew, and so many more things were absolutely perfect.
So many games!
Here's to more months, and more time where the biggest drama is on the chess board.