Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few photos

This photo cracks me up. Our furnace broke on New Year's day, and I also chose that day to lose Zander's winter hat. We resorted to using his summer cap, which Jason modified to cover his ears. Poor kid looks ridiculous.

Hangin' out with papa.

Zander was playing and grabbed his "lamb" skin rug. He pulled it over himself and ... well, basically started wrestling with it. It looked like he was being attacked. Pretty funny.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Christmas and the New Year

We had a fantastic Christmas, with three celebrations. First, we had an early Christmas with Jason's family in Michigan, then we spent a week in Minnesota with my family and our friends. It was so nice to see everyone again! We got back home to Michigan and celebrated our first little family Christmas on New Year's Eve. All in all, a wonderful few weeks.

All the pictures we took of our little Christmas celebration look like we dropped acid.

Here are some fond memories of the holidays:

- Christmas dinner was delicious. Mum prepared her traditional feast and I absolutely stuffed myself.

- Phillip received the entire seven seasons of Buffy on DVD, so we spent many many hours watching that. It was the first time I had seen it since having Z. Very strange to see another Zander on screen!

- We went to the Brave New Workshop and Zander attended his first live performance. The kid was amazing, just hanging out and watching, then eventually falling asleep. (That's not a reflection on the show, which was really fun!) We even went out to the Mill after a show where Z just slept in his carrier while we hung out.

- On our last night in Minnesota my parents took us out for a nice dinner. Zander was sitting on my lap while we were eating. My dad finished his food then took Z from me so I could finish eating. I looked down and thought, "that's strange, how could I have spilled something all over my lap?" A few seconds later I realized that I was covered in poo. Jason was wonderful and whisked Z into the bathroom to clean him up.

- We were awakened on New Year's morning by the sound of our furnace breaking. After hearing the astronomical rates that repairpeople charge on holidays, we decided to brave the cold until the next day. We bundled up and huddled around the space heater. I'm very happy to say that it is now fixed!

Also, our shower is finished! This morning I took my first shower in our house since November. It felt so luxurious.