Tuesday, March 22, 2011

...and one step back...

I have been repeatedly told that the NICU experience is an intricate dance of "two steps forward, one step back." After what has been a steady march forward for the past week, I guess we were due for a hiccup.

During a routine nasal swab, Mikaela tested positive for MRSA. The doctors reassured me that she does not have a MRSA infection, merely the presence of MRSA (it is a colonization, not an infection). It could be nothing. Since she does not have an IV or any open wounds, the chance of it entering her bloodstream is very small. They must realize, however, that you cannot tell a mom that her tiny premature baby is testing positive for something like this without making her worry.

What does this mean? She will be bathed with a special soap for 5 days and given an ointment in her nose to kill the colony. It also means that she cannot have any contact with her sister, and I cannot go back and forth between the two. Anyone who comes in contact with her must wear a gown and gloves, then wash thoroughly. The chair and table next to her incubator are now marked "dirty - MRSA." What a crappy 2-week birthday present.

I deeply hope that this will be an annoying inconvenience and nothing else.

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amy a. said...

it will be okay! they are pretty experienced getting rid of MRSA these days. i'm sending healing vibes!