Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Muddle of Ups and Downs

Yesterday morning I got a call from the NICU telling me that they were taking Mikaela for an echocardiogram because has a heart murmur and was breathing fast. (Ugh, what a crummy phone call.)

The test went fine, and they said that the murmur was nothing to be too concerned about it. I guess they are common in premies and that they typically resolve themselves. They don't know why she was breathing funny, but she is back to normal now. (Sigh of relief.)

Autumn would not take her eyes of Mikaela all through the test. I wonder if there is something to that special connection that twins are supposed to have. It was really touching to see her concern. (So sweet!)

Mikaela was retested for MRSA and it came back negative. (YAY!) However, they won't lift the precautions until she has three negative tests, so she still cannot have any contact with her sister, and if I have any skin contact with her, I cannot touch Autumn again until I go home and shower. (So frustrating!)

I have successfully breast fed each girl! They both know how to latch and drink well, and it is so great to see that their newborn instincts are intact. (Way to go, girls!) I really want to try feeding them together, but because of the MRSA precautions I will have to wait until I get them home to do this. (Grr.)

Both girls are gaining wait really well. Mikaela is 4 lb 11 oz, and Autumn is a whopping 5 lb 11 oz. (Hooray!) Now they just need to get more consistent with their feedings. Sometimes they eat really well, and other times they don't seem to have the stamina to eat much, and we end up tube feeding them. This is our last big obstacle we have to overcome before they can come home. I really look forward to having my whole family together! (Trying to remain patient....)

We bought a minivan! We now have a vehicle big enough to fit all three of our kids. A huge thank you to Jay Slingerland for getting us a great deal and helping us have such a positive experience. Anyone in the Owosso area should check out his dealership. (Yay for good people!)

I guess there is more good news than bad, which is good. (Yay!)

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Unknown said...

Tori, you spoke of the twin connection. on my wall in Facebook i posted a video of twin boys and their gibberish conversation. Check it out it was wonderful. It reminded me of gibberish exercises in theater