Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Jason and I took little Z on a trip to a pumpkin patch with a few other young families. We took a hay ride out to the patch and selected our own pumpkins.

Here is Z with two of his little friends. They all seem pretty fascinated with their pumpkins, which Zander refers to as "ball". Actually, he calls anything round "ball" and he says it with a lilting tone and makes it into two sylables, "baaaa-aaal."

Daddy! Z has started to say something that sounds a lot more like "Daddy" and less like the baby sound "Da-da". He's starting to talk so much, it is really exciting.

Here is what the pumpkin looked like after being gutted and cut up.

But to Zander, it is still just a "baaa-aaal."

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