Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Days and New Style

Today was a gorgeous fall day. Z and I spent the morning soaking up the sun on our semi-finished (okay, let's just say functional) sun porch while Jason was at work. Then we all took advantage of the sunny and breezy Sunday afternoon to take care of yard work.


Here is Zander's first time playing in the leaves.

In other news, Z has just gotten over a cold so I had boxes of kleenex everywhere.
Zander found one of these boxes....

We decided that it was time for Zander to have his first haircut. We tried to hold off as long as possible, but it was starting to obscure his vision so it had to be done.

Drumroll please....

Let me just say that cutting a baby's hair is WAAAAAAY different from cutting an adult's hair. He refused to hold still and I was constantly pulling the scissors away to keep from chopping off his grabby little fingers.
(This is all just a way of me saying that, yes, I know this isn't a good haircut. Cut me some slack!)

Jason decided that the best way to clean up was to vacuum up the hair. And vacuum the baby.

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