Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zander Prepares for his First 5K Race

On October 4, Zander will be participating in the Big House Big Heart 5K race to raise funds for the Lamaze Family Center.

Here he is trying out some new running shoes:

The plan is that I will push him in the stroller until I get tired, then we will trade places. I guess he better learn to walk before then.

Zander is pretty pumped to get the chance to support this non-profit organization. Here's what he had to say about it:

"Thanks to the classes my parents took at the Lamaze Family Center, I had a great birth, breastfeeding was a breeze, and I made a bunch of awesome friends at the Mommy's group. Thanks, Lamaze, for helping to make my first year so fantastic!"

At least I THINK that is what he said. It kinda sounded like "mamamadadadwhatzzat?" but you get the idea.

Seriously, though, Lamaze is a great organization that supports families from pregnancy to preschool. Donations will help support Lamaze’s mission which it carries out through community outreach programs such as the Miscarriage and Newborn Loss support group, scholarships for childbirth classes, and underwriting the teen childbirth classes.

To make a donation, click here and select "Tori Tomalia" from the drop-down menu. All donations of $25 or more are 100% tax deductible and go directly to Lamaze Family Center Ann Arbor.

Thank you, and wish Zander luck - 5k is a long way to crawl!

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