Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Bash

On August 18, 2009 Zander celebrated his first birthday. Jason's family came down from Owosso to join us for a bbq and cake.

I think I have started a tradition for our little family. The birthday hat. It is made up of all Z's favorite things from the year.

- white for mama's milk
- blue water for bathtime with dada
- spirals for rotini, the first food he ate until he puked
- "pages" for books (he loves his books)
- the colors of the hat are the same as Puppy, his security toy
- an elephant's trunk on the front (he sleeps with a stuffed elephant)
- green blades of grass, which he loves to pull up and eat (unfortunately)
- three bells for out little family of 3.

I don't think he really liked wearing the hat, but he tolerated it so we could snap some pictures.

Next we sang "Happy Birthday" and ate a delicious cake that Vicki made. Zander did not so much blow out the candle as try to grab it, so I ended up helping him with that.

Next it was time for presents!

Zander was thrilled by the tissue paper.

Yum - envelopes!

Delicious - a puzzle piece!

Oh boy - books!

By the way, this is what the garden looks like now. It is producing some nice veggies and abundant potatoes. I think we are going to end up with a ridiculous number of squash, as the vines are taking over everything.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tori!!!

I had no idea that you were on Etsy making such INCREDIBLY cute/awesome things...OR that you had this blog! We can be blog buddies now!