Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lung Cancer Stigma

A few days ago there was a great article about the stigma surrounding lung cancer and the impact it has on patients. Check it out!

The lung cancer blame game

Also included in the article was a slide show with several people in the lung cancer club, including yours truly.

Slideshow: Faces of lung cancer

So enough with the blame already, let's work together and find a cure!


Anonymous said...

The other cancer with a stigma, both assigned by healthcare workers and unsympathetic family members is head and neck cancer. Her first oncology team (reportedly one of the best head and neck programs in the country) often made mention of her status as an "ex-smoker" (quit 20 years ago). Sadly, our favorite inpatient nurse during her grueling treatment stated "I like this floor because all these patients (head and neck cancer patients) deserve their cancer. They are all smokers and drinkers." :( Her own daughter (my dear absent sibling) actually stated "she deserves this cancer".

Anonymous said...

Head and neck cancers are also similarly stigmatized. One of our caregivers actually stated "all these people (inpatient head and neck cancer patients) brought this upon themselves with their smoking and drinking".