Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Living On Borrowed Time....

There is a constant clock ticking in my mind.


"Living on borrowed time...."

I've passed my expiration date.


The thing that scares me most, that threatens to tear me away from my family lives inside my body.


One day my luck's gonna run out.


Ya know what sucks? Having your future torn away from you when you were just digging into your career. When things were looking so bright. Awards rolling in, people taking notice.

When you have a house full of small children counting on you.

(They're still counting on me.)

So what do you do?

You dust yourself off, take stock of what you still CAN do, where you still CAN play an important role, what dreams you STILL dare to dream.

My cancer is well controlled right now.

Right now I have time.


Right now I have time to plan for my family's future. To get things in place to take care of them when I'm gone.

(Did you know cancer is expensive?)

Life takes unexpected turns. You adjust. You make the best of it. You still dare to dream big.

This is the only life you get. Even if it is cut drastically short.

So you shift gears. And dream.

And ask for help.


Yes, you sitting at your computer, looking at your phone. I'm talking to you.

You know all those times you have read my blog and asked yourself what you could do to help?

Now's your chance.

I. Need. Your. Help.

I need you to dig down and pledge to support this dream, to support my family, to give cancer the big middle finger.

Right now.

Take out your credit card and pledge.

Every one of you who has read my writings and been touched by me baring my soul as I faced the unimaginable (your word, not mine).

You can make a difference. You can help build a future for this family.

You can help create something that I will get to be a part of for the next months and (dare I hope) few years. Something to live beyond. A legacy.


But we need you.

I need you.


Challenge your friends to give. Tell them why it matters.

Because sometimes life is super crappy and unfair and horrible. But you know what makes it bearable? The people. The people who pick you up when all is lost. The people who allow you to hope for better days. The people who give you the strength to dream.

The people like you.

Now's your chance.


Click here. Watch. Give.


Petra morey said...

You have a wonderfully intense way of putting reality into perspective. As always, astonished by you and your family.

Unknown said...

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