Monday, July 29, 2013

Summertime, and the livin' is easy....

I love summer. I loved it as a kid, and I love it even more as a mom. The long, lazy days, the ease of going outside to play without bundling up in winter gear, the festivals (especially in Ann Arbor - I think they use anything as an excuse for a festival).

My first chemo went really well. I felt nauseated for the first several days, but the anti-nausea medicine helped quite a bit. As I have told several people, it brought it down to the "pregnant with twins" level, so I was already familiar with that. The fatigue is rough, since I am used to going non-stop all day. So, I guess I am finally learning how to take breaks and slow down a little. 

The second week was my "danger zone" week, since my blood counts (read: immune system) were very low, leaving me susceptible to infections. I stayed home that week, and washed my hands religiously. It reminded me of that month when the girls were in the NICU, and everyone had to be so careful around those tiny babies and their very weak immune systems. Wow, it is like all of that has me very ready to handle this current challenge!

Oh - and I started practicing my Tai Chi every day again. My daily practice used to be one of my favorite things, then I got too busy and stopped. I am very glad to be back at it. It makes me feel more centered and stronger, both physically and mentally.

I am at the tail end of my "recovery week," into which we have tried to distill as much family summer fun as possible. This lovely week has included: bowling, farmer's market, lunch and a movie with Jason (just us!), the Reptile Zoo, coffee with a friend, several park trips, a birthday party for an adorable now 1 year old, bike rides, and the Hands On Museum

I have so many thank yous to give out to all the people who have become our support network during this time. Thanks for gift cards (Bobbi Jo, Jenny, and Decky/Christine? - the kids tore open the care package so I don't know for sure who gave us what!), and all the childcare help from my sister Yvette.

AND all the meal help, organized by the multi-talented Meriah: Susan, Emily, Patricia, Jenny, Prab, Jack, Pam, Callie, Amy, Bridgit, Decky, Marion, Wendy, Sarah, Kathy, Megan, Ariel, Karen, Brian, Dee, Trish, Nan, and Wendy. Woah, amazing. And several have brought food more than once!

I am sure I am forgetting people, so thank you to every one for such incredible support. 

Round #2 begins tomorrow. Keep sending all those good thoughts!

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