Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Plural of Apocalypse

I lead a pretty golden life. I have an amazing husband who balances out all my quirks perfectly, I have three wonderful and sweet kids, things in the school/career realm are coming along well with all sorts of exciting projects and positive response, my parents and siblings are each incredible individuals and make up a pretty stellar family. As I said to Jason, "I guess there had to be some yang to balance out all this yin."

"Yeah, but this is some pretty f&$!ed up yang!"

Like I said, we are a great match.


So I have cancer. Again. Pretty mind boggling. And it is totally unrelated to the cancer I had as a kid. I keep thinking I'm being Punked.

But, so it goes. The doctors are working on a plan of attack. Running more tests. Gathering information. 

Preparing for battle.

I feel like Buffy. Give me something pointy and tell me where the Big Bad is. I just never knew I would need to learn to plural of apocalypse.


Anonymous said...

Oh sweetheart. What is going on with our health? You have such strength and I would drop everything to come help. I know many people would. I'm here to fight it with you! Much love!

Unknown said...

You are amazing--that post is a beautiful snapshot of how awesome you are. We love you!!

Rachele Meredith said...

Love you Tree-Ann xx