Sunday, May 10, 2009

My First Mother's Day

I guess you could say that my first Mother's Day began shortly after midnight, when I arrived home from Kzoo to find that my wonderful husband had cleaned the entire house. While I did not successfully transfer the sleeping Z from the car to his crib without waking him, it was only a short bout of screaming and nursing before he was out again.

I spent the first 11 hours (amazing!) of my first Mother's Day in bed, with my beautiful child handed to me a few times for nursing. He spend part of the morning sleeping with me in bed (so cute) and the rest playing with his dad.

Then I had a lovely brunch of scrambled eggs, waffles and sausage and did NOT change an incredibly stinky diaper.

The big event of the day was Zander's first experience with paint. My original plan was to make the standard hand-print-foot-print-I-love-my-mommy thing. It quickly became clear that my curious little boy would not allow something so mundane to happen.

Zander, enjoying our backyard, has no idea what fun is about to take place.

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