Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to the World

On 8/18/08 at 8:48 pm Zander Micah joined us in the world, making Jason and I proud new parents.

Our Family Photo

The labor went really well, roughly 10 hours which is good for a first timer like me. That said, I had been experiencing the poorly named and very frustrating "false labor" for over a week. It must have done something, though, since we were all shocked to discover that I was already 8 cm dilated when we got to the hospital. The nurses whisked me up to labor and delivery, and a short 4 hours later Zander was in my arms.

Jason and I are loving parenthood, and Zander is an amazingly happy and adorable baby. We had a week-long babymoon where the three of us cocooned and grew into our new family roles. I'm very glad we had that private time. I highly recommend it.

Now we are ready to share him with the rest of the world. We've had several visitors and I'm gradually easing up on my over-protectiveness. Everyone has been so welcoming and excited to meet little Zander, it is heartwarming.

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Joe Ferrari! said...

Yay! Yay for babies! Zander is adorable.