Tuesday, September 06, 2005


We were in Tokyo when the first edges of Nabi came in. James and I were going to Roppongi, the nice bar/nightclub area. We were walking along from the train station when we heard a little bit of thunder. Suddenly, BOOM. The sky opened up and there was a massive downpour. We ducked under an awning and hailed a cab from there and went to a very mediocre bar.

Here is a picture taken from inside the bar. It does not do the storm justice, but I think it is a cool picture.

The food was very pretty, though.

We are back in Nagoya now, and there were some amazing storms last night. Not so much rain, but really strong winds that feel like they will blow you away. We are headed to Hiroshima tomorrow, and we are supposed to miss most of the typhoon.

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