Friday, September 02, 2005

Welcome to James' Apartment!

When you walk into James' apartment, you see . . .

shoes by the door.

On your left is the bathroom.

The shower and bathtub.

The toilet. Check out this design - the water used to fill the tank is first used to wash your hands. Brilliant!

And, you can select if you need a "big" or "little" flush.

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Garbage/Recycling . . .

and the enormously intricate description of how to separate it.

Seriously, I am very impressed at how enviro-friendly Japan is (from what I've seen so far). There is hardly any waste - everything is separated out and composted or recycled. Good work, Japan!

And finally, James' room (sorry for the mess - it is mostly my fault.)

I hope you enjoyed your little tour. More to come!


Damian said...

This is super-awesome! I'm really enjoying your posts.

papamarx said...

From now on I demand that I be referred to as "Big Flush."

Rachele said...

Don't you Americans have "big flush" and "small flush" yet??? Get with the 20th century! (Let alone the 21st!)


Nobu said...

Glad to see that you are having fun in Japan. Your subway bag incident reminded me of the t-shirts my aunt bought in Japan and wore in Apache Mall three years ago. It read BITCH bright and loud. We told her what it meant after we got home and she never wore it again.