Saturday, September 17, 2005

Jazz-ma-tazz! or Switching Hats from Adventurer to Doting Aunt

My nephews had their all-school music recital this week. The concert was called (in good old Aussie style) Jazz-ma-tazz! (Caleb told me that his friends called it "Jazz-ma-spaz!")

Caleb (the 8 year old) was very excited for this recital, and insisted on putting his recital clothes on three hours before the concert. Of course, disaster was imminent. He was playing outside that afternoon (in his nice outfit) and Rachele's husband Russell was tidying the yard and pulling leaves out of the pool. Caleb was following him around, chatting constantly as usual. Russell turned around just in time to see Caleb take a mistep and fall right into the pool. He came up to the surface with a huge gasp - it is still pretty cold in Australia - and immediately started sobbing. He wasn't hurt, just devasted that he had dirtied his Jazz-ma-tazz! outfit. No worries, though, Rachele put it in the dryer and we were able to hold off our laughter until he was in the shower.

Here are some photos from the concert.

Michael (grade 6) doing choreography as they sing.

Caleb (grade 2) playing the tapping sticks.

Michael posing in his nice outfit.

Caleb being a Jazz-ma-spaz!

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